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Blogs written by our author: Remy Daroowala

dr remy daroowala
Dr. Remy Daroowala Medical Doctor, Researcher, and writer (MBBS, BSc, MRCP (UK) )

Remy Daroowala has over a decade of experience as both a medical doctor and researcher, allowing him to write authoritatively on topics such as healthcare, science & medicine. He has traveled the world for his work - from modern hospitals in London, all the way to rural clinics and townships in South Africa - giving him first-hand experience with diverse cultures and communities.

Remy is always keen to explore new ideas within his field, particularly those concerning cannabis, psychedelics, or meditation as ways of bridging the mind-body divide that often exists within modern medicine.

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little gold bottle in the spotlights
January 09, 2023
Blogs written by our author: Remy Daroowala

CBD… What is it? And does it help you relax?

In this article, we will examine the science behind CBD's alleged relaxation-enhancing properties...

hiding caveman
December 21, 2022
Blogs written by our author: Remy Daroowala

Eating Cannabis. The low down from the Stone(r) age to space cakes

From Stone(r) Age to space cakes, see how humans have been incorporating cannabis into their diets for centuries...

cannabis leaf and mechanical devices
December 20, 2022
Blogs written by our author: Remy Daroowala

Medical Cannabis: What science says

Discover medical cannabis, including how it works and why people use it...