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Born in Ashton California, Lourbaud, Justin is a Cannabis connoisseur, activist and weed influencer. A graduate of Sociology from the Utah State University, I have had experience in all facets of the Cannabis chain.

I started out just smoking pot for recreational purposes before I got introduced to the benefits of the herb by some of the members of the growing legalize marijuana movement at the time. With further reading and my personal experiences, I found out that weed held lots of benefits that far outweighed any negative attributes.

For more than a decade, I have lent my voice to the cause of legalization of marijuana. Although I now live in the Netherlands, my roots are firm in the pot culture of Northern California. I am concerned about the healthy wellbeing of people and the failings of conventional medicine to provide answers to some of the world’s most debilitating ailments.

The Differences Between CBD and THC

THC and CBD are compounds that are both found in cannabis. Both CBD and THC can have a strong effect on your mood and perception.  Both of the compounds are what are [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Own Marijuana

As someone who partakes in consuming cannabis, the idea of growing your own marijuana has probably come to your mind. Cultivating cannabis at home has become much more pop [...]

The Difference Between Being Stoned and High

The terms high and stoned are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between being high and being stoned. They are two completely different experi [...]

Top 5 Tips for Growing Weed in Windy Environments

Just like your soil, essential nutrients, and light; wind can be an important part of the cultivation of your marijuana plants. If you choose to grow outdoors, you have to [...]

Can You Use Old Weed?

You have some great weed, but you don’t want to smoke it all at once. Maybe you want to save some for the winter holidays. Maybe you just don’t smoke that ofte [...]

Top 5 Ways to Ensure a Stronger High

There are a number of ways to increase the high that you get from marijuana. Unlike alcohol, marijuana has a point where you are no longer able to feel the effects. There [...]

Stoner etiquette, 5 do’s and dont’s

There are a lot of polite manners that we adhere to. But how do you properly smoke a doobie? Nobody teaches you that! Fortunately, you have us. Because well-mannered inhal [...]

8 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Growing Ca ...

You don’t need to have any secret knowledge to grow marijuana. You don’t need to be a wizard who casts growing spells. Really anyone can grow a marijuana plant [...]

What is a Thai Stick?

This is a common name in the cannabis world. If you listen to hip-hop or watch movies, you may have come across this term severally. This article will help you understand [...]

7 Ways to Prevent Couch Lock

We have all heard it before: Someone refers to Indica as “In-da-couch”. What does it mean? It is referring to couch lock. But what is couch lock? What causes i [...]

What Color Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil popularity is taking the health industry by storm alongside the controversial decriminalization of marijuana.

How to Dispose of Cannabis Waste The Right Way

Cannabis has various organizational boards that govern all its activities, ranging from planting to waste disposal. These boards are meant to ensure that all the cannabis [...]

Our go-to fertalizer: Van Gogh's

Van Gogh’s: The Best Fertilizer brand in town Today, we are joyous to recommend a brand that has stood the test of time since 1981 - Van Gogh's. In fact, Van G [...]

15 reasons why you should grow your own weed durin ...

Let's face it; growing own ganja plants is like having a private party. This is so because in case you would like to enjoy your best strain, you will only need to head to [...]

White powdery mildew on marijuana plants.

But your marijuana plants as well! White Powdery Mildew, a.k.a. White Mold or Oidium is a parasitic fungus (meaning it latches on to other organisms and takes nutrients fr [...]

How to lollipop cannabis plants

Lollipopping is an analytical technique that involves pruning cannabis plants, and preferably those planted indoors to come up with better yields. Under most circumstances [...]

How to flavour weed with extracts (3 best methods)

There are three easy methods to flavour your marijuana and give it an extremely pleasing taste; before, during, and after harvesting. However, you may encounter some chall [...]

10 Tobacco replacements for smoking marijuana

Let’s face it; a lot gets said about the harmful substance in tobacco – nicotine. That said, you could enjoy smoking your favorite puff of pot without rolling [...]

Try Kief For an Intense High

Look no further than the bud you already have. All marijuana buds contain kief, also known as keef, kif, dry sift, or pollen. This is the resin glands that contain the ter [...]

10 Ingenious Ways To Avoid Bad Weed Breath

Does smoking weed give you bad breath? Let’s be realistic. No matter what you do, a keen person will sense you’ve smoked marijuana. As for someone who doesn&rs [...]

How to smoke a Rose Pedal Blunt (and 3 things not ...

A rose petal blunt is a blunt rolled with fresh rose petals instead of standard papers. This might seem like a trendy yet not very common way of smoking your blu [...]

10 Healthy Snacks for Stoners

Habitual cannabis users know many things that those who smoke weed occasionally don’t get to know. In fact, they deserve to know many things based on the level of ex [...]

How to treat Root Aphids

Since they attack the root, root aphids eat away at your dear plant unbeknownst to you. At first you may notice some signs like stunted growth and droopy yellow leaves. Th [...]

Making your own cannabis infused capsules is easy

One of those mentioned was consuming oil capsules or "canna caps." Canna caps can pack a powerful punch for getting rid of a range of things from pain to anxiety. They act [...]

How to twax a joint

Are you looking for a way to upgrade and boost your joint? Then twaxing might be just the thing for you. By twaxing, a hit from a joint or blunt becomes a lot more intense [...]

How To Smoke Weed Without Tobacco

In many countries in Europe it is quite normal to mix weed with tobacco and smoke it as a joint. In many other places it is not There are several possibilities of smoking [...]

Use Coffee Grounds As A Natural Cannabis Fertilize ...

You literally don’t have to buy inorganic cannabis fertilizer if you can access some coffee grounds. If, for instance, you visit a coffee shop, you will notice that [...]

What is mainlining cannabis

Main-lining cannabis is a buzzword today among most modern cannabis growers. Among the most asked questions to us is "what is main-lining?" It is for this same reason that [...]

10 Largest Marijuana Stocks in 2020

Wall Street has always proved to be an amazing scene where strange things happen when you least expect it. For instance, while 2019 was a big year that will still be remem [...]

Everything about cannabis tinctures

If you want to experience the buzz of cannabis, but you prefer not to inhale smoke, there are plenty of good alternatives these days. The use of a cannabis tincture is one [...]

Avoid a cotton mouth

Smoking weed is a fantastic experience that can be different every time. But an annoying side effect is that you can get a sore, dry throat and mouth. This is called a cot [...]

Dabbing for beginners

Dabbing is relatively new, but more and more smokers are making the switch. It is a way to use cannabis that has many forms and products, with which you can vary. Dabbing [...]

How to prevent from greening out?

How do you prevent from greening out? Greening out is an annoying feeling that you get when you have used too much weed. You can get really sick from over-consumption of c [...]

The smell of weed

Every cannabis strain smells different and has a unique taste and smell. It can be fruity, or skunky, or a bit earthy. As a grower, your goal is to get the highest possibl [...]

Cannabidiol and psychoactive effects

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is known as the cannabinoid that does not make you high or the cannabinoid without psychoactive effects. But what is the influence of CBD on the human [...]

What is Charas?

Of all the ways to use marijuana, concentrates are becoming increasingly popular. There is always something new to discover in the field of concentrates. Whether it is act [...]

DIY pipe or bowl

You never know when you need a spare pipe or water pipe. So check this article and learn how to make a pipe or water pipe yourself. It is actually very simple. And in addi [...]

How Lactic Acid Bacteria Improves Potency

Growing cannabis is a competitive industry, and because of this, different cultivation methods are popping up left, right and center. However, it may be more beneficial fo [...]

CBD and terpenes

To date, 130 terpene profiles have been discovered in cannabis. This is a very interesting development throughout cannabis research. Terpenes are aromas that make us match [...]

Cannabis and Dizziness

I love cannabis as much as the next guy, and I am sure, if you are reading this, you probably do too. However, it has to be said that smoking the herb can sometimes delive [...]

How to make hash (or hashish)

Hashish is a cannabis concentrate. It is wonderful stuff that you can crumble and put it in a joint or smoke it in a bowl. You can buy it from a dealer, but did you know t [...]

Flavonoids in cannabis

Cannabis contains many different substances. In this article we will focus on Flavonoids. Read on to find out what kind of Flavonoids are present in cannabis and what thei [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Low Stress

The term Low Stress Training (LST) is used to refer to a way of growing cannabis plants. By making use of this method of cultivation the lower shots get more light. This a [...]

Different cannabis weights

There are a lot of names for the weight of cannabis. It is therefore sometimes difficult to know how much you get for your money. In this article we explain everything abo [...]

Advantages of using high-THC products

Of all the cannabinoids in marijuana, THC is the one that is the most studied in the medical field. And for good reason too.

Landrace strains and heirloom cannabis strains

The situation of marijuana today is very different from the situation in 3000 BC, or the 60s. In those times people used the real, original cannabis in landrace and heirlo [...]

Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis strains

Are you interested in buying cannabis seeds? Check out our seed bank for the best Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, Hybrid seeds, and more!

Cannabis butter wax: how to make it?

Cannabis concentrates come in many, many varieties. Today we will have a closer look at Budder Wax. So, let us dive in.

Cannabinoids and their antioxidant effects

We all know that antioxidants have a positive effect on the human body. But what about antioxidants in Marijuana? Read all about Cannabinoids in cannabis and their antioxi [...]

Different forms of cannabis

Cannabis (or marijuana, weed, pot) comes in many different forms and has many different names. Let us investigate into the differences, shall we?

What is the best temperature for vaping?

How you should set the temperature of your vaporizer depends on your purpose. At different temperatures, other types of cannabinoids will be released. Check this article t [...]

Cannabis hacks for resourceful potheads

Check these cool weed hacks that can make your whole smoking experience much easier. And also even more pleasurable, so read on!

Are women who smoke cannabis more intelligent?

There are certainly a lot of caveats here. For one thing, 800 women is not a fantastic sample to draw conclusions from it is definitely not a reflective collection of the [...]

Rolling better joints: a beginners guide.

When you first start smoking weed, it can be disheartening to realize that not everybody can roll the perfect joint straight away. It takes time and practice, so here are [...]

Consume marijuana to become more creative

Creativity is more about a mindset, about perceiving something in a new way. Creative people can look at something that seems ordinary and they can change it into somethin [...]

Grow a bigger yield than ever with these tips

When you have more light, then you are basically feeding your plants more since they turn light into energy with photosynthesis. They will have more energy to grow and pro [...]

Combat bud rot

By now I m sure you have become an expert at checking your leaves and wiping them down with with a mixture of apple cider vinegar at the first sign of a spore.

Why cannabis has so many different names

This is perfectly fine because, after all, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." One of the reasons why cannabis has been given so many names is that different [...]

Guaranteed ways to get top shelf bud

It's the kind of weed that you savor every puff and you avoid wasting a single leaf. Have you ever wondered why the dispensary guys can manage to grow that level of qualit [...]

How to control cannabis odors from your grow room

The United Kingdom, because the smell of marijuana coming from the rooms they had rented was so strong. If you have ever been in the proximity of a grow room without a fil [...]

Use reflective materials in your grow room to boos ...

You can get higher yields from your marijuana plant by manipulating their natural light cycles. Lighting also helps your plants to complete photosynthesis. Photosynthesis [...]

The pros and cons of growing hydroponically and in ...

Every grower will have their own opinion and will swear that their method is the best. By providing you with the facts, pros, and cons of both methods you will be able to [...]

A beginners guide to growing a single cannabis pla ...

Growing cannabis doesn't have to be a daunting and scary task to start. You don't have to begin with a mega big grow room, nor do you need to spend big bucks just to get s [...]

Growing cannabis according to the moon for a bette ...

you most often take time to consider the sunlight or the grow lights for your plants. Sure, light is one of the most important factors to consider when you are starting to [...]

Cannabis had a place in ancient religions

Unless, you are talking about the First Church of Cannabis in Indiana, yes, it truly exists. However, this doesn't mean that cannabis wasn't welcome in religion once upon [...]

When to plant your seedlings outdoors

This can be inspiring to start spreading your own green around with some nice marijuana plants. Knowing when exactly to put those germinated seeds into the ground can be c [...]

Get key points to survive a nutrient lockout in yo ...

Yet you’ve been feeding them all the nutrients in the world then you may be experiencing nutrient lockout. Nutrient lockout has basically the same symptoms as nutrie [...]

Amsterdams most popular coffee shops

Visiting Amsterdam during the fall season is a wonderful time to go The city is less busy with tourists yet there is still plenty of things to do. With the weather gettin [...]

Choose companion planting for a natural pesticide

Often times we hear about the dangers of ingesting pesticides and chemicals So, the idea of smoking, juicing, baking, or vaping marijuana treated with poisonous substances [...]

Choose the right lighting for indoor growing.

Marijuana plants can be manipulated to produce higher yields by changing their natural light cycles. Lighting is also important because they need it to complete photosynth [...]

Cure your plants for maximum potency.

And you put in the effort to grow well, then your end product can go from good weed to prize-worthy if you cure it. Curing will give you the maximum flavor and potency you [...]

Flushing your marijuana plant before harvest is ke ...

Or what about rolled up a doobie and after toking on it realized you have a fertilizer taste in your mouth?  This could be because you didnt flush your plants before [...]

Grow marijuana winter tips

Many growers start putting away their pH meters, pots, and fertilizers as they believe that the growing season for this year is over. Dealing with the freezing, grey, and [...]

Growing marijuana hydroponically

a system of growing plants in a nutrient solution made up of water and fertilizer. I dont mean you stick your plant in a flower vase and expect it to be a hydroponic plant [...]

Hail Mary Jane

In late March Indianapolis sanctioned that the First Church of Cannabis is in fact a real church. This means it has all the same rights as the churches with religions thou [...]

How to assess the quality of a marijuana bud

Whether you're a connoisseur or simply a novice, knowing how to assess the quality of a cannabis bud is necessary to have the best experience. If you want to know the tell [...]

How to avoid and get out of the root-rot-rut

It will look like your plant has various kinds of nutrient deficiencies on its leaves. In a sense it does because the roots cannot properly absorb the nutrients it needs, [...]

Marijuana seeds compatible with your climate

Now is the time to shop for new seeds before it too late to plant those babies outdoors. At this point you may be questioning which seeds are best for your climate. Sativa [...]

Type of seed you buy? feminized or autoflowering

I understand that terms like autoflowering, regular, and feminized seeds can leave you looking at the computer screen with a blank stare. Once you know the difference betw [...]

Using trichomes as an indicator of when to harvest

After all, it is one of the most exciting parts of growing! I know you’ve been waiting and grooming your ladies patiently to produce the dankest bud ever, and now it [...]

Hemp smoothie recipe

You have probably seen hemp seeds in the spotlight as a so-called superfood. So by now, you must’ve realized it good for you, even though you might just not know exa [...]

Light burn weed: how to treat it?

but like most things in life, too much is never a good thing. You should always be cautious of how much light is exposed to your plant when growing indoors and how close y [...]