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Let me introduce myself, I go by the name of 'Joe Green'. People gave me that name for obvious reasons. I am from Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of the world, and I have been growing Marijuana for over more than two decades.

From the moment on I started working in the field of cannabis, it has been a real rollercoaster. From small home-setups to industrial plantations, trust me if I tell you that I've seen it all - those were the days!

I've solved every issue, from obtaining quality and shipping methods, to harvest and plant care.

Cannabis Caprese Salad Recipe

Are cannabis and salad a good match? Yep, believe it or not, but these two combine ridiculously well. Check out the Cannabis Caprese salad recipe we put together.

How To Grow Dense Buds (Guide)

If you love cannabis, you know that the best weed has dense buds. This is what you should aim for when you are growing. To produce dense marijuana buds requires optimal gr [...]

Cannabis Peanut Butter Protein Balls Recipe

Want to try something new? Check out this delicious Cannabis Peanut Butter Ball recipe, and start making them yourself!

Cannabis Cinnamon Crescent Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls and Cannabis? I match made in heaven if you ask us. Check out our delicious recipe and start making them yourself.

How to Deal with Bud Rot

Bud rot affects the buds of the cannabis plant. Read this article to know how to protect your cannabis plants against it.

How to Control Cannabis Pests

It is something every gardener has dealt with at some time. Whether you grow cannabis plants or you grow blackberries, some pest is just as interested in your plant as you [...]

3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Leaf Miners on Cannabis ...

There are many different kinds of pests that can harm a grower's garden, though leaf insects are by far one of the most annoying. Leaf miners create tunnels that drill thr [...]

How to use compost tea for cannabis

Growing cannabis consists of lots of trial and error and finding out which techniques work, or dont work, for you and your plants specifically. This is why a lot of novice [...]

When Can I Harvest Marijuana?

With marijuana gradually getting legalized, many people have turned to growing it. 

How to Make Cannabutter and 5 Baked Goods to Make ...

You have probably heard of cannabutter before. However, in case you haven’t you might be asking yourself, what is cannabutter? Simply put, cannabutter is a combinati [...]

How can you store cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds can be kept well for a long time, as long as you store them in a good place. How long your seeds stay in growing condition depends on the method you us [...]

Four Ways to Repair Broken and Bent Cannabis Stems

It happens. One day you are tending to your cannabis plant and everything is perfect. And just like that, you see that one of the stems is broken. Is it the end of the roa [...]

Marijuana Detox Drinks Guide

Every marijuana consumer has thought about detoxing of cannabis at some point. So if you have thought about detoxing from marijuana, you aren’t alone.

Know What You Grow: Cannabis Seed Quality

Is it possible to tell the quality of cannabis seeds by just looking at them?

How To Grow Weed At Home

Cannabis is fast becoming a popular plant in many regions of the world. If you live in a country with pro-cannabis legislation, you might want to experiment with growing m [...]

Types of Cannabis Mold and How To Get Rid of Them

If you have tried to cultivate weed plants, you know how moldy cannabis plants can be devastating. To many people, this is the worst experience that will make them lo [...]

The Ultimate Guide: Grow Better Weed With CO2

Did you know that your plants can be harmed if they don't get an adequate supply of CO2? Or that too much supply of carbon dioxide is potentially harmful to your marijuana [...]

How to Grow Marijuana From Seeds in 5 Easy Steps

Growing marijuana from seeds can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be growing your own cannabis in no time!

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds in Peat Pallets

Do you know that the cannabis plants begin as a seed? The cannabis seed is a tiny thing that resembles a pebble, but it carries the entire cannabis plant and stores food f [...]

Edibles Dose Chart: How Much of These Do I Need?

Do you know that marijuana has different forms of edibles? These edible forms include tablets, food products, and capsules.  

Can Cannabis Grow In Shade? Learn How and Why

Cannabis cultivation has become one of the fastest-growing industries globally today. Unlike many industries, it has continued to thrive due to medical and recreational aw [...]

Best Way To Sprout Your Cannabis Seeds In Differe ...

Just like all other plants, weed starts from germinating cannabis seeds. That small seed is a complete plant that gets conveniently stored with some supplies of food to su [...]

Best Way To ScrOG Weed For A Successful Growth

Have you ever seen a cannabis plant with bug buds growing above a nylon screen? Well, that screen is referred to as a screen of green or a ScrOG in short form.  

Awesome Pot Brownie Recipe

Do you like Marijuana? Do you like getting high? Do you like Brownies? If you answer yes to all three of those questions, I have the recipe for you. Pot Brownies are easy [...]

Create Your Own Pipe (Bong)

Are you looking to join the wonderful world of marijuana smoking, but you don't have a bong, pipe, or even papers? Don't worry; we have a solution for you. All you need ar [...]

The Different Cannabis Flowering Stages

Do you have a friend who needs cannabis for medicinal purposes? Alternatively, are you looking for an adequate supply of cannabis to occasionally share with your friends b [...]

How To Dry Weed

The entire process of growing weed doesn't end at harvest time. Ensuring your cannabis harvest is dried appropriately, in readiness for use is vital. Most cannabis growers [...]

How Much Does A Quarter Ounce Of Weed Go For?

The legalization of weed is spreading its way across many nations. Whether or not you are new to smoking, you’re reverting to it after several years of sobriety, or [...]

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System After ...

While some people take marijuana for medicinal purposes, most stoners find pleasure in its effects. Whichever the case, the drug comes with positive and negative effects. [...]

Cannabis Ruderalis

The place 3 of well-known cannabis strains is for cannabis ruderalis. This genetic type is less known than cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, but ruderalis is also a fan [...]

Hash Butter Recipe

The most common role of butter is baking, and a good hash butter recipe will take your edibles out of this world with enhanced flavor and increased potency! So, are y [...]

How to lollipop cannabis plants

Lollipopping is an analytical technique that involves pruning cannabis plants, and preferably those planted indoors to come up with better yields. Under most circumstances [...]

How to Grow Your Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

So you've decided to start growing marijuana? Congratulations! When you start browsing through all available marijuana strains, you'll see certain cannabis strains with th [...]

How To Get Rid Of Caterpillars On Weed Plants

The first thing you need to do to check for a caterpillar infestation is, of course, to look for them. This can be pretty hard because caterpillars are great at camouflagi [...]

What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica?

Cannabis Indica describes the psychoactive varieties discovered in India, where it was harvested for its seeds, fiber and hasish production. Cannabis Indica was named by J [...]

Best Way To Fix Broken Weed Stems

Growing cannabis can come with all kinds of problems, though broken or bent stems can definitely appear to be irreversibly damaging. However, there are many methods by whi [...]

What is Sinsemilla?

Sinsemilla is a highly concentrated variety of cannabis. Some describe it as a prime, seedless cannabis flower that is tended to a very high degree of care, let us tell yo [...]

Can Weed Grow In Cold Climates?

Can weed grow in cold climates? Can weed grow in the cold? Can you grow weed in cold weather? All these questions point to one thing – cold climate. Yes, there is su [...]

How to clone your favorite marijuana plant

When some people hear the word cloning for the first time, they think that it is something that will come in the future. However, the truth is plant cloning – even m [...]

How Much Water Does A Cannabis Plant Need

Just how much water does a marijuana plant need until harvest time reaches? That is the biggest question you and I need to know especially if you are planning to venture i [...]

Deep Water Culture Growing Tips - 2020 Edition

A lot has been said about how easy or hard it is to grow cannabis. While most of the hard part lies in myths and conceptions, it would also be essential to debunk some of [...]

How to use a nectar collector

The ancient methods of consuming pot like cannabis smoking still exist, but it is the high time ganja enthusiasts try out new techniques. The curiosity has seen to it that [...]

How to make glycerin extract

What comes to your mind when you hear about glycerin? Perhaps an aqueous solution that contains some 60% sweetness due to the honey used in extraction.

How to Make Cannabis Hashish Hassle-Freely

Many people often wonder how they can make cannabis hash. Popularly lengthened as hashish, it is an Arabic name that means grass.  Are looking for weed to make your [...]

How to make a Marijuana Mojito

Most cannabis lovers also know to appreciate an alcoholic cocktail or mocktail. So wouldn't it be nice to incorporate your favorite plant in it? Why not make a cannabis-en [...]

The Best Strains To Make Edibles With

If you a habitual weed smoker you probably thought about making your own edibles at least once, right? The good news is that the process is actually pretty easy, and there [...]

How to make space cakes? Our favorite recipe

Spacecakes are one of those things that, if you re avid cannabis user, you just have to try. They really are just as amazing as they sound, and although there are plenty o [...]

Protect your weed plants from animals

If you grow weed outside, there are quite a few threats that you might not take into account beforehand. For example, you can suffer a lot from insects, but you can also b [...]

Keeping Ants Out of Your Plants

Growing marijuana comes with all sorts of tests and trials, from bug infestations to nasty weather, and sometimes it s really difficult to know what to do when certain sit [...]

Weed plants and entangled roots

When growing cannabis plants outside, the roots usually have plenty of room. That is if you don't put your plants too close together. The root system needs space to find i [...]

Tomato sauce with cannabis

Do you like Italian food? Then we have a nice extra twist that you can add to your Italian dishes. What about cannabis tomato sauce? Sounds yummy, right? You will certainl [...]

How to make a cannabis smoothie

As you know, cannabis has all kinds of healthy properties to offer. Our beloved plant is full of antioxidants and vitamins. And more and more is being descovered about the [...]

All you need to know about harvesting cannabis

Harvesting your cannabis plants is not only a precise job, but also the timing is very important. Because when exactly do you have to harvest? If you harvest too early, it [...]

Cannabis Leaves

If you grow marijuana it is important to know what the leaves can tell you. If there is something wrong with your plant, it will first tell it through the leaves. You must [...]

Fight spider mites with ladybugs

As a cannabis grower you can have to deal with a lot of hassle. For example, you can suffer a lot from insects and other annoying little animals. You naturally want to pro [...]

Defoliation - Do the Risks Outweigh The Benefits

Defoliation is a technique used by expert growers as a way to increase the overall yield of their harvest, though it comes with a whole array of risks and so should only b [...]

Cooking with cannabis concentrates

The best thing about cannabis is that you can do a lot of things with it. In the simplest case you roll a thick blunt of it and go as high as a kite. For many people this [...]

Stink Bugs - How to get rid of them

Growing weed comes with lots of challenges, though having to handle pests it one of most irritating and damaging thins about cultivation. One pest that has recently taken [...]

Micro cultivation of cannabis

Are you just starting to grow cannabis? Or do you already have some experience, but don't have much room to grow weed? Then micro cultivation is your way to go! Read on an [...]

Leaf spray for cannabis plants

Leaf spray, the name says it all, is a solvent that you can spray on the leaves of your plant to solve all kinds of problems. So read on and learn all about it.

How do you keep birds away from your weed plants?

As a weed grower, you always have to take precautions if you want to achieve a good harvest. Both when you grow indoors or when you grow outdoors, setbacks are to be expec [...]

Garden Pests - how to get rid of cannabis leafhopp ...

Garden pests really are a pain, and if your garden is a cannabis one, they are arguably even more so. One of the most common pests in a cannabis grow are leafhoppers, tiny [...]

What kind of nutrients do weed plants need and whe ...

Nutrients are a very important part of the entire growing process of your weed plant. Good soil with sufficient nutrients forms the basis of a good harvest. Check this art [...]

The best way to germinate your weed seeds

So you bought yourself a nice bag of high-quality weed seeds. Now what? Simple, you are going to let them germinate (in a proper way) to make them grow into fantastic plan [...]

The correct pH value when growing weed

As you know, weed plants need nutrients to grow into healthily, firm bushes. But they are only able to absorb nutrients within a correct pH range. Check this article and l [...]

How do you know if your weed plants get enough wat ...

Your weed plant shows its thirst not only by limping and drooping, but also by discolored leaves that turn into yellow and brown. A mature, healthy growing plant should no [...]

Cannabis and Companion Plants

You spend a lot of time growing your marijuana plants. So if you do not like insects and other intruders to destroy your crop. Use companion plants to keep your cannabis p [...]

Green Crack weed

Dont be fooled by the name, because Green Crack is pure marijuana. Get to know everything about Green Crack weed here.

CBD Edibles

Like all other CBD products, food can help improve your life balance. CBD has a unique interaction with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system that is closely linked t [...]

Growing weed outside or indoors? What are the diff ...

Do you not yet know whether you want to grow your weed plants indoors or outdoors? View this article in which we list all the advantages and disadvantages of growing outsi [...]

Differences between hemp and cannabis

To many people the hemp plant and its cultivation are a bit of a mystery. For example, is hemp different from marijuana? The goal of this article is to explain everything [...]

What is better: growing cannabis in- or outdoors?

When growing weed seeds indoors, there is always a difference to growing cannabis outdoors. Read on to learn everything about the differences.

How to speed up the effect of your cannabis edible ...

It takes an average 1.5 hours before you notice the effect of marijuana food, but with a few simple tricks it can be faster. Read this article and give your cannabis edibl [...]

Harvesting Weed - When and How?

The harvest of weed is not difficult, but it requires some time and patience. Read on to learn more about the harvest of cannabis.

Check leaves to see how your weed plant is doing

If you keep a close eye on the leaves of your weed plant, you can prevent a lot of misery during the growing process.

Growing weed in a space bucket

If you have limited space or money, but still want to grow weed, a space bucket could be the right thing for you. Check this article and learn all about space buckets.&nbs [...]

What is a landrace cannabis strain?

All pure cannabis strains are originally from a certain region.Read this article to learn more about cannabis landrace strains.

Marijuana plant anatomy

We all know what a cannabis plant looks like. But which parts does the plant actually consist of? Lets take a closer look at our favorite plant.

Cannabis infused drinks and edibles

Other ways to use cannabis than smoking it: cannabis infused drinks like cocktails and edibles.

Marijuana and fertilizers

Growing marijuana is a process that takes skill and great care, especially if you want to grow big, healthy plants. One way to increase the size of your marijuana buds is [...]

Camouflage Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Make sure you plant other plants around them to make them blend in. You dont want your neighbors to be asking you Is that a pot plant?

Trimming your marijuana harvest

No one can be happier than the grower that has spent months taking care of his green babies to produce top shelf bud. However, the job is not over yet, another hurdle has [...]

Avoid mistakes when making marijuana edibles

The holiday season is upon us therefore it is time to break out the baking utensils and warm up the oven. Impress your friends this year with bangin cannabis cookies, cake [...]