The weed strain Big Bud has an appropriate name. Why you can guess. Huge flower tops grow on this predominantly Indica hybrid. The buds are sticky and provide a powerful body high.

Big Bud is said to have originated in the US somewhere in the 1980s, possibly as a cross between Haze and Northern Lights. Years later the strain ended up in the Netherlands. The cannabis strain was genetically stabilized by Dutch cannabis cultivators and it has been cherished ever since.

The buds on Big Bud are sticky and provide a powerful body high

Fortunately, Big Bud survived, but the strain was almost gone. In its early existence, Big Bud has won the 1st prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup. How much THC can you expect from Big Bud? On average, the THC value is between 15% and 20%.

The flower buds of Big Bud are huge compared to buds of other cannabis plants. The buds are thick and very resinous and attach to other pieces because they are very sticky, even when packaged in small quantities.

The buds - that vary in color but are usually light green - have fewer than average pistils. On the other hand, they contain a high volume of silver-white trichomes. This makes the buds look almost wet.

Due to the high number of trichomes, these buds are very sticky and it is difficult to break them by hand. The scent of the buds is somewhat earthy that is accompanied by some fruitiness.

The flower buds of Big Bud are huge compared to buds of other cannabis plants

The Haze parent strain also provides some spiciness. In particular, Big Bud has a genetic profile comparable to the popular hybrid Jack Herer (both have parents in the Haze and Skunk families), but Big Bud has more grape flavor compared to Jack Herer's citrus.

The smoke from Big Bud is smooth and ends with a persistent sweet taste buy BIG BUD seeds now

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