Are you looking for a way to upgrade and boost your joint? Then twaxing might be just the thing for you. By twaxing, a hit from a joint or blunt becomes a lot more intense. Moreover, it burns more slowly, so all the fun lasts longer. But what is twaxing exactly, you probably wonder. Read on and we'll tell you everything about how to twax a joint. 

Why should you twax a joint?

Welcome to rolling a jonko 3.0. This is where all the magic happens! Maybe you didn't know, but this is what you have been looking for all your life! To twax a joint really can be a life changing event. It is a simple method to upgrade and boost your existing blunt, jonko, doobie, joint, or whatever you like to name it. Twaxing is applying a cannabis concentrate to your joint . It can also be done with a bowl or pipe. Twaxing a joint of blunt can be done in two different ways. The marijuana concentrate can be applied both on the inside as well as on the outside of the joint. When applied on the outside it is glued to the tissue/rolling paper, making it a real eye-catcher too. So, if you want to show-off big time and impress your smoke buddies, then read on quickly and learn everything about how to twax and create an awesome joint.

The great thing about twaxing is that you can put all your creativity in it. And of course, it gives an awesome buzz. After all, you add a super strong cannabis concentrate to your already existing powerful joint. The buzz this creates is fantastic and effects last long time. Do you consider yourself a newbie in the field of concentrates? Then listen. This is serious stuff. The fact that it is strong is already contained in the name "concentrate". All effective and powerful substances such as THC are extracted out of the cannabis plant and shaped into some kind of concentrate, like budder, wax, BHO or shatter. A small amount of concentrate therefore consists of many effective, mind-blowing ingredients. This goes way beyond the buzz you’ll get form consuming your average cannabis nugget. Do you want to use your home-grown flower tops for packing your joints and blunts? Be sure to buy your weed seeds from a well-known, reliable seed seller. Only seeds containing good genetics grow weed plants that produce a high quality yield.

AMS - How to twax a joint

You need a cannabis concentrate to twax a joint

Cannabis concentrates provoke an uplifting effect and boost your energy. But as you know there are many different types of marijuana concentrates. BHO, Wax, Shatter, just to name a few. And all these different concentrates have a different effects on their users. So, the thing is, if you tried one concentrate, this doesn’t mean you know all other concentrates and their effects as well. Different compositions, means different effects. So don’t think you know concentrates if you tried only once, because there are a lot of different marijuana concentrates out there and every one of them provokes a different high. Actually, this is good news and bad news. Bad news because you always have to be a little careful because you don't know exactly what you will get and how your body and mind reacts. And good, because there is an awfully lot to explore! 

Anyway, let's see how twaxing a joint works. Let's do a short, blunt-twaxing workshop, shall we? There are actually two ways of twaxing. With one method you apply an amount of concentrate on the inside of your cannabis cigarette. And with the other method you glue the marijuana concentrate on the outside. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages below. Every method has pros and cons. So, dive in and experiment with twaxing yourself. Always start with a low dose and only increase the dose when you are up for it. Too much intake of THC (of which there is a lot in cannabis concentrates) can have negative consequences. And we want twaxing to be a fun, positive experience, right? So use in moderation and read on to discover everything about twaxing and relaxing. 

Twaxing a joint on the inside

Legal changes and legalization have made it easier to buy cannabis concentrates. But if you can't get you hands on it where you live, there is also the option of producing it yourself. Making a cannabis concentrate is not very easy, but with a clear step-by-step plan, everyone will succeed. To produce a cannabis concentrate, kief can be used. Kief is the weed dust that stays behind in your grinder, every time you grind your weed buds. After a while of saving up you’ll have a considerable amount of kief. If you have, you are able to make a concentrate out of it. The simplest way is to heat up the kief. When making hash, kief also gets heated. But as you know, the structure of hashish remains is a bit dry. For twaxing you need a more liquid concentrate, like a wax, rosin or BHO. 

Useful tips on how you can best twax a joint.

Do you want to try twaxing? The easiest way is to add a concentrate to the inside of your joint. Suppose you prefer to use a pipe (or bowl), you can put a little concentrate on top of the herbs with which you have filled your pipe (or bowl). The use of a pipe (or bowl) is useful with concentrates that are a bit drier in structure.

It then works the same as when building a normal joint. Proceed as you are used to. The only difference is that you add a cannabis concentrate of your choice to your joint before rolling it up. For example, choose dry sift, rosin or ice water hash. Spread the concentrate evenly over the (grinded) buds and roll up the joint as usual.

Do you prefer BHO? Good choice! You can break it into small pieces and spread them all over. The way you add it to your joint depends on the consistency of the concentrate in question. If it is a liquid, it is different than when it is crispy and breakable. If a concentrate is hard you can make it malleable by heating it a little. Squeeze it between your fingers, like with putty or alike, and you will see it becomes smoother and softer, so it’s easier to work with. 

Twaxing a joint on the outside

Do you want maximum results and impressive looks? Then add your cannabis concentrate to the outside of your joint. Great examples of waxed joints can be found on the internet or Instagram. For the application on the outside, your concentrate must have a sticky structure, otherwise it will not glue well. For example, budder makes it difficult. Ensure binding with the rolling paper by heating the concentrate a little. It therefore sticks better. Proceed by working the concentrate in a line (type of hose shape) around the joint. This gives it a nice swirly effect. By gently pulling the canna concentrate it gets thinner. The starting point is the most important, because the concentrate must first adhere well to the paper there. If necessary, heat it with a lighter to make it softer, malleable and stickier. 

Isn’t this enough for you yet? Then roll your sticky with oil-covered joint through a dryer concentrate such as kief, ice water hash or dry sieven. OMG, this really creates an extra punch on top of that already power packed joint! This will make you go highs as a kite for sure. 

Does the dry concentrate not stick well to the paper? Then heat the concentrate lightly with a lighter. Now roll the joint through the dust, or if you now sprinkle the dry concentrate over it, you will see that it will stick. 

Bear in mind that if you light the joint, the concentrate will become liquid and may drip. That's dangerous because you can burn yourself. Keep turning the joint around so the hot viscous concentrate is always on top. This prevents your concentrate from dripping off, which is both dangerous and a waste.

Are twaxing and dabbing the same?

Many cannabis concentrate users wonder if dabbing and twaxing are the same. And whether they cause the same psychoactive effects. But the comparison between twaxing and dabbing actually makes no sense. They are actually very different. Both consumption methods use concentrates, that is true, but they belong to different categories.

With dabbing you inhale a cannabis concentrate that evaporates very quickly. These concentrates that are suitable for dabbing contain little to no plant material at all. And no more solvents. But with twaxing you inhale many more different substances. All ingredients used to build the joint get burned and that provides a different experience in terms of taste, smell and effect. First, you build the joint with ground marijuana buds. Some people use hemp flour, by the way. In addition, the cannabis concentrate evaporates. And finally, the burning rolling paper also influences the entire smoking process and the taste and smell. It's just a more complex combustion.

Twaxing and dabbing therefore have different inputs. The two methods use other ingredients. The combustion temperature is also on different levels and that shouldn’t be underestimated in the overall effect. Dabbing produces a purer smoke because it is only the concentrate that evaporates. You can expect a thick smoke from twaxing due to the combination of mutually reinforcing ingredients. This usually causes a more intense effect than with dabbing concentrates.

What provides the best experience - dabbing or twaxing?

This question is difficult to answer and depends completely on personal preferences. Some stoners just prefer the feeling of a good old traditional, burning joint. While other users prefer to dab, often because of the smooth smoke. So, if you like smoking, then it's probably best to twax a joint.

Twaxing can also be applied with CBD concentrates

Another advantage of twaxing a joint is that you can also use a CBD concentrate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a concentrate containing a high THC conten. Instead, you can opt for a concentrate with therapeutic properties, such as a CBD concentrate. Or what about hemp flour? With that you reap the full spectrum of cannabinoids that offer beneficial, medical effects.

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Do you have experience with twaxing? Or did you try it for the first time as a result of this article? You are welcome to share your experiences in the comment section below.