Indica Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are sought-after for their relaxing effects. When you think Indica, think “in da couch”. Not every Indica strain will give you couch lock, but it’s a good way to remember that overall it gives you a more stoned effect vs the high you would get from Sativa strains. Since these plants tend to flower faster, Indica Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are perfect for those who have limited space. That being said, they can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings.

This type of cannabis seed tends to grow shorter and sturdier than other varieties. Indicas originate from the mountains of the middle east, so they are known to survive in harsher outdoor conditions and lower temperatures. They do not do as well in very humid and wet environments. They are best identified by their sweet aroma and strong distinct flavors.

Compared to Sativas, Indicas tend to have somewhat lower THC levels and higher CBD levels. Therefore, think of Indicas as the perfect night-time or evening strains.

Effects of Indicas

The effects of Indicas on our bodies can be intense. Some strains of Indicas produce extreme relaxation that can cause “couch lock.” This slang term is used by cannabis users to describe a mental and physical sensation. It includes feeling numb and having incredible heaviness in the body, in other words, being hella stoned.

While Indica effects may be unwanted during the daytime, they can be very helpful when consumed in the evening. Indica strains are most popular among individuals suffering from stress and insomnia .

Here are some more common effects of Indicas:

  • Deep relaxation of the mind and body
  • Sleepiness
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Sedation