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AMS Autoflowering 25th Anniversary Combo

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AMS Autoflowering 25th Anniversary Combo

To finish up our collection of combo packs for our special 25th anniversary, we have put together a comprehensive autoflowering pack! This helps you get the most out of your cannabis without having to do much work. When it comes to autoflowering strains, they require the most minimal maintenance even when you are growing indoors. They are an ideal starter for beginners.

5 x AK47 XTRM ® Autoflowering seeds
5 x AMS Supreme Autoflowering seeds
5 x Caramelicious Autoflowering seeds
5 x Light of Jah Autoflowering seeds
5 x NY Turbo Diesel Autoflowering seeds

5 x AK47 XTRM ® Autoflowering seeds

As the name might suggest, the AK47 XTRM can hit you like the gun it's been inspired by. The autoflowering seeds flower into an incredibly strong, powerful pot. The epitome of stability, they're relatively easy to grow both outdoors or indoors, with a flowering time indoors of just 7 to 8 weeks. With such a breeze of a grow time and no difficulty growing thanks to its autoflowering, low-maintenance nature, this is the perfect pack to help someone get started on their growing journey!

5 x AMS Supreme Autoflowering seeds

Leaning more towards the Indica side of the spectrum, our AMS Supreme reaches manageable heights when grown indoors of up to 90cm, or 35.4 inches. Outdoors, she can grow up to 110cm, or 43.3 inches. Overall, it can yield up to 600 grams outdoors or up to 400 grams indoors. With a powerful mix between White Widow XTRM and Critical, two other infamous strains of ours, AMS Supreme autoflowering seeds are a perfect addition to your inventory.

5 x Caramelicious Autoflowering seeds

Large and fat sticky buds make a welcome appearance with this strain. A delicious treat, the sweet caramel flavor makes it the perfect after-dinner smoke. Not only is it easy to grow, but it's also a robust Indica-dominant that leaves nothing to be questioned. The outstanding buds and the award-worthy flavor shows why our Caramelicious strain has been bred for the last 15 years successfully and with little changes to its genetics.

5 x Light of Jah Autoflowering seeds

A multi-Cannabis Cup winner, Light of Jah is undoubtedly one of the best strains in our line. The autoflowering variety is no different, it has quite literally an award-winning flavor. With a dash of fruity acridness and a strong, peppered haze spice, the effects are quick to onset pleasantly. They give most users a giggly edge and an energizing, uplifting cerebral high. Sativa-dominant, the Light of Jah autoflowering seeds are the ideal daytime strain to use.

5 x NY Turbo Diesel Autoflowering seeds

Another High Times Cannabis Cup winner, the New York Turbo Diesel variety was chosen as the best Sativa at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Its autoflowering version is selectively bred to provide a higher yield without losing the powerful and exotic qualities of its original. Better resistant to pests and bugs, it's also more potent with much larger yields -- a win-win all around!

Yield High Yield
THC Level 21 - 23%
Effects Happy, Social, Uplifting
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