The AK47 XTRM Feminized is a special, award-winning cannabis strain that has gained wide acceptance in the cannabis world. It has dense and large buds typical of an Indica variety and also delivers an uplifting high typical for Sativa strains. Our AK47 is a cross-product of both our White Widow XTRM and the original AK47 strain.

Ak 47 Xtrm ® Feminized Seeds

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THC Level 23% and up
Indica / Sativa 25% / 75%
Yield 800+ gr / plant
Height Tall
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Climate Temperate, Warm Dry
Effects Alert, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifting
Flavor Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Woody

About AK 47 XTRM ® Feminized Seeds

AK47 XTRM ® is a sativa-dominant hybrid. You will enjoy a divine high for both body and mind. Are you ready for a powerful ride? In addition to its high THC, it also stands out for its high level of CBD, resulting in a strain with surprisingly relaxing effects. 

What Are the Effects of AK 47 XTRM ® Feminized?

When a customer contacts us for recommendations on the best mood-enhancing strain, we advise them to choose AK47 XTRM ® seeds. If you are in a bad mood, it’ll help you lower the tension you are feeling. Why not take a trip to the moon and back? Then this strain is what you need. It perfectly combines both cerebral and relaxing effects.

What Does It Taste Like?

You will taste hints of pine, sandalwood, and citrus in its aroma. Its smoke is quite refreshing, although you may also taste a touch of skunk.

Strain Characteristics

It grows steadily. In the right conditions, it will quickly produce buds that are no less than 20 percent larger than its little sister, the AK47. It is a resistant plant and it will not give you much work. In case everything you have read was not enough, our AK47 XTRM ® is a great product that can give you up to 1 kg if you grow it outdoors.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of our AK 47 feminized strain is about 8 weeks.


When it comes to cannabis strains, there are a lot of options out there. But if you're looking for a tall plant, the AK47 feminized cannabis strain is a great option. This strain can grow up to six feet tall, making it one of the tallest cannabis strains available.


AK47 is a cannabis strain that is known for its high yield. This feminized cannabis plant can produce up to 800 grams of cannabis per plant.


Customer Reviews

Love this seed! Review by Ian (Posted on 5/1/2022)
Best grow I've ever done. Big, firm buds. Euphoric high. 290gm from three plants.
Love AK47!! Review by Liz (Posted on 4/25/2022)
Based on such great reviews I am ordering some. Have always been a fan of that strain so can’t wait to grow!!!
Wow Review by Andy (Posted on 3/11/2022)
I let veg a week longer then I normally do I'm using a bedroom to grow ten of the Xtreme I was using a flexstar 1000wt but have had to add another X2 600wtt it's like a forest I can't raise lights anymore then I have and the plants are wall to wall definitely one of the biggest harvest I would have pulled out of this room.10/10 seeds sprouted and have had not trouble will be cloned and keeping this strain for sure going to like to see what they can do outdoor
oooh yeah Review by chris (Posted on 3/6/2022)
just germinated 7 seeds and theyre all growing
ive used ams several times and always gotten what i ordered and had good success with growing
dont know why visa is not accepted but i sent cash even though thats a tricky proposition and ams came through
good seeds, good weed - THANKS
Great quality and service Review by Matty B (Posted on 3/5/2022)
AK 47 was the first seeds I planted with no clue what to do. Learned very quickly from the AMS growing guide. Plants turned out better than I expected. Will be using AMS moving forward with different strains. Thanks AMS.
Lovely Review by Rosie (Posted on 11/17/2021)
Great product... beautiful package... thank you
The Best Review by Justin Rodger (Posted on 11/12/2021)
I've been growing canabis now for about 6 years. I started with AMS and over the years have bought seeds from many distributors. Nobody and I mean Nobody comes close to the germination success and genetics of AMS. You guys are at the top for sure. Thanks for your hard work and dedication over the years.
Cant find anything negative Review by Jack (Posted on 10/18/2021)
Just growing one plant for personal grow. Seed popped no problem using paper towel method. Shes 3 weeks into veg and looks fantastic. Fast rigorous growth. Highly recommend. AMS stealth was great too. Made it past Australia customs which isnt easy to do..
This strain is a HUGE yielder Review by Scott (Posted on 10/12/2021)
This strain grows INSANE! I've got 4 in a 5 x 5 foot scrog/tent and it looks like a total jungle. In week 3 of flowering now and the nugs are swelling up like mad; I'm talking this is going to be a huge yield just wow (from the looks of it I'd say about 2 - 2 1/2 pounds 1,000+ grams easy). 100% satisfied! Will be buying again
Hands Down Best AK-47 Review by AMS Fiend (Posted on 10/1/2021)
This strain of AK-47 is the absolute best! The seeds are hardy, and store well. The plant clones so easy. And the flower is nothing short of heavenly. This is a great example of what a seed bank with a quarter century experience can bring to the table for you. Thank you AMS!! If you want to see them in action check out grow diaries dot com and search for user AMSFiend.
Great quality Review by Christopher (Posted on 6/18/2021)
Living in a 7a planting zone in Virginia, I chose this stain after growing Sour Diesel last year. Our challenge are warm humid night which might not allow the plant to recover from a hot day and allow disease. I use plenty of neem oil. 5 of 5 seeds germinated without problem. 6 weeks later, flowers are forming. This is great since I wanted a more compact plant.
Favorite for outdoor containers Review by Long Time Customer (Posted on 5/31/2021)
This is my favorite variety for growing outdoors in containers in Zone 6b Virginia.
Great Products Review by Glenn St.John (Posted on 5/3/2021)
I bought AK’s and some Cappuccino’s last year, but they came to late to plant due to the virus. I kept my seeds in a tin that is air tight sitting on a bookshelf in a cool place. This year I bought some autos and some Jackberry seeds, and I have planned a great garden. Every seed I have germinated has pooped. I now have some autos growing and several babies lined up. I am sitting fat and happy! Thanks you guys! I’m getting a combo pack right now!
4 stars: good service, well treated Review by Kathy (Posted on 3/25/2021)
Best customer service ever.
They refunded my money when my tracking number was lost.
My order showed up a week later and I told them to rebill my
credit card . They said their fault and would not rebill my CC.
The seeds were big, dark , and fat and when put in warm water and covered and left in the sun , 1 has all ready started to sprout ,
excellent for 24 hours. Hooray for AK47 XTRM.
The 20 free seeds looked very good also.
My next comment will be in 3 months after harvest , looks to be some knockdown , drag out reefer.
4 stars: good service, well treated Review by anonymous (Posted on 3/25/2021)
BorderlineXtreme: 10 seeds--9 germinated; AK47Xtreme: 10 seeds--8 germinated; Gonzola (sp?): 5 (free) seeds --4 germinated. Very satisfied--no replacements needed, esp. since the first order was confiscated--great service!
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by Tobyken (Posted on 3/18/2021)
The new seeds i received grow perfectly, never seen such a beautiful plant (AK47 flowered feminized)
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended Review by MILOSCOLLECTIVE (Posted on 3/18/2021)
I'm very happy with the service, delivery time is great. All my ak47 came up great with no problem as well as the white widows. Everything is looking great. And the 1 strain that didn't pop they replaced them. Cant go wrong with the AMS. I will be reordering real soon.
Delightful! Review by Ray Perkins (Posted on 3/1/2021)
Got the AK47 and was very happy with my order. Every seed "popped" and all feminine. (I've have feminized from other vendors that had some males in them). The final product was awesome and everyone's favorite from the garden.
My personal favorites from AMS are Mega Jackpot and AK47 XTRM. Review by Mark (Posted on 3/1/2021)
I’ve grown over a dozen different seeds by AMS. With so many different options available these days, it’s tough to find a reputable seed company that delivers consistent genetics and top notch end product. My personal favorites from AMS are Mega Jackpot and AK47 XTRM.
AK-47 xtm Review by hiinhi (Posted on 2/28/2021)
Ordered in December. After much delay I reached out to Support to inform them that I had not received my package. They promptly re-shipped. My package arrived a week later. Thank You AMS.
I will be sharing my grow experience on my Podcast Hi in Hawaii.
Better plants and service than I expected. Review by Harris (Posted on 2/16/2021)
ordered AK47 seeds first of March. Received those in time expected. 4 of 5 germinated, now flowering healthy plants. Ordered AMS Supreme a couple of weeks later, as the covid lockdown was starting. Time passed. We asked Support to trace for us, which they did promptly. Trace showed package was in country. We knew to expect delays. Received those today. Better plants and service than I expected. Thanks AMS!!
Ak47 was a great grow with dense nugs. Review by Bryon Shepherd (Posted on 2/15/2021)
Ak47 was a great grow with dense nugs.
All perfectly Review by Customer (Posted on 5/23/2019)
All perfectly. Especially the packaging. Recommend!
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